WeTravel Payment Processing


You could save thousands a year. Run the numbers. *



Total Savings per year

Talk to us! *  Calculator based on WeTravel Basic plan with $500 average transaction, 57% average historic ACH payment rate, 18% refund rate and 14% AMEX card spend. Your actual WeTravel processing fees may even be lower.

  Refund Customers - Free

No refund cost - if you refund a transaction, WeTravel will return the entire fee.

  International Card Payments - Free

WeTravel has no additional fees for international cards, cross-border card payments, or currency conversions.

Frequently asked questions

Which currencies can I collect payments in?

WeTravel allows you to collect payments in almost any currency, but we only hold funds in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, ZAR, and AUD. See the full breakdown of our international pricing & fees here.

Can I absorb the credit card fee myself?

Yes, you can choose to absorb these fees yourself rather than pass them on to the participant via the Pricing tab when building a trip.

Are there fees for refunds?

When using WeTravel Payment Processing, refunds are free and all fees incurred are reimbursed, including CC fees. When connecting your own Stripe account, refund fees are determined by Stripe.

How much does it cost to transfer the funds to my account?

When using WeTravel Payment Processing, transfers to your own bank accounts are free. If connecting your own Stripe account, fees are determined by Stripe.

Do you offer a reduced rate for non-profits and students?

We sure do! 501(c)(3) organizations and student trips from selected universities can get a preferential rate. Contact us for details.

What payment methods does WeTravel accept?

Most major credit cards & bank accounts. See the list in full here.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! Cancel at any time, no commitments.