Supplier transfers, solved

WeTravel's efficient and reliable payment transfer network strengthens buyer/supplier relationships worldwide.


What our clients are saying about us


“WeTravel's Supplier Transfers have facilitated transfers within our entire vendor ecosystem without the need for complex back-and-forth bank transfers to suppliers and agents. This saves us time and money."

Hicham Alaoui

CEO & Co-Founder, Experience Morocco
Lauren Rudick

“WeTravel has saved us tons of fees on international fund transfers and streamlined payments to our suppliers and staff... [With WeTravel] we expect to save at least $1,200USD this year on bank transfer fees."

Lauren Rudick

Founder & Director, Yoga Academy International

How can we do this?

Since the money stays within WeTravel, we can make the transfer to your supplier’s WeTravel account within a couple of seconds. Supplier Transfers can be sent to WeTravel accounts that are fully verified, which means our Verifications Team has already conducted the necessary security and compliance checks. Thus, we don’t need to perform checks that would slow down your transfer. 

Since our system carries out the transfer automatically, we can perform transfers at any time of the year. Be it Christmas, Chinese New Year, or a simple weekend, our system is at your service and processing your transfers without delay.

As of now, we allow Supplier Transfers to and from the currency of the originating balance. So if you’re sending USD, your recipient will also get USD. Once they pay the money out to their own account, they have the option to convert it using the rates of their chosen bank.

What are the tools embedded within WeTravel’s supplier transfer network?

Aside from efficient and reliable fund transfers, WeTravel’s supplier transfer network helps strengthen buyer/supplier relationships in several ways.

A list of transfer accounts is automatically saved within the payments center in your WeTravel account, meaning accurate, up-to-date contact information is always at your fingertips. No manual data entry with each transfer. 

You can also instantly send messages to these contacts with just one click.  

WeTravel’s transaction reporting (also available within your payments center) makes it easy to filter transactions executed by supplier transfer, and then download these (further customizable) reports. 

Finally, our Zapier and public API integrations make it easy for you to connect any of your existing tech stacks with supplier transfers.

What are the other options for fund transfers within WeTravel?

In addition to standard and instant transfers (plus wire transfers) to your own corporate accounts and internal stakeholders, WeTravel supports fund transfer methods to pay any of your suppliers, vendors, partners, and teammates.

How can I become verified as a supplier (fund recipient)?

For security and regulatory reasons, WeTravel needs to verify the identity of all users who initiate or receive supplier transfers. If you were invited to join WeTravel as a supplier, our team will need to complete standard verification procedures before we can enable supplier transfers to your account. 

To be verified for supplier transfers, we will request the documentation as outlined here.

Once I receive a supplier transfer, what are my options for moving these funds outside WeTravel?

WeTravel offers standard payouts to your bank account, instant payouts to a US debit card, wire transfers to your own accounts anywhere in the world. More information is available here.


Still curious about what this means for you?

Check out our supplier transfer FAQ here, or set up a call with our team to discuss further.